Hotel DIAS






dias Hotel is located in Greece -MAKRZGIALOS (50 km from Thessaloniki and 20 km from Katerini) near the road from the Greek-Macedonian border E-75 to Athens.

The Makrygialos exit, this place is marked by a road sign on the road to the right, then turn left under the bridge and the entrance to the city Makrygialos.

Long sandy beach with springs, pine wood, and the cobbled promenade of the sea with bans. The hotel is just 100 meters from the coast.

It has a capacity of 15 rooms with two beds, three beds and four beds with sea view. The hotel has its own parking, which is free for guests. It also has a children's playground next to the hotel with a lawn and a slide for children. All rooms are air-conditioned, refrigerator, WF, iron, hairdryer, safe, towels, shampoo, bath, terrace each room has.

Also on the ground floor there is a fully equipped kitchen with all the professional appliances for the normal functioning of the hotel. All dishes are prepared in the kitchen, such as Greek, Serbian, Italian and others. Buffet is defined for each meal.

The restaurant can also accommodate more than 50 people, has a large terrace where also can lunch around 50 people.

You can see many attractions in this area at a distance of up to 50 or 100 km.

In the city there is an archaeological site Pidna, the museum will be open for the first time this year. At a distance of 2 km is the famous black medicinal mud for the treatment of skin diseases where a large number of tourists from Europe.

At 40 km there is also another archaeological site of Vergina, Edessa waterfalls are 50 km and 100 km to the monasteries of Meteora.

Shopping centers in Thessaloniki and Katerini where you will find all major brands of products with discounts up to 80%.

Distance Paralia about 15 km. Shops with the skin and fur of a diet and cosmetics LIDL, known for its low prices.

In the city Makrygilos are pizzerias, shops, hotels, gyros, a disco and many other places of entertainment.

It is worth noting that the sun sets around 7pm. You can be in the water all day

An unforgettable vacation is guaranteed with the lowest prices.